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Deactivate account on PS4 / PS3 console

1. Go to the site
2. Enter the details of the purchased account login:pass (mail:password)
3. Select the “Account” item at the top
4. On the left side of the menu, select “Media and devices”
5. On the main part of the page, click on the rectangle on the “Deactivate All” button.
Installing an account on the PS4 console

1. Create a new user and go to the console with the data of the purchased account and before login will require the activation of the account by the main one, activate!
2. Go to the library and put the game (s) on the download.
3. Go to your account and after booting we play safely.
4. Do not delete the created user, otherwise the game will not work
5. In the created profile never to enter again, all starts of the game through a personal profile
Installing an account on the PS3 console

1. Create a new user in the [users] menu and log in as a new user
2. Select [register] under [PlayStation®Network]
3. In the menu that appears, select [use an existing account]
4. Next, enter login and password
5. Using your registered account, sign in to PlayStation®Network
6. Go to the Playstation Store and select option 4 from the bottom [View download files], a list of content on your account will open, download all that you are interested in in the background.
7. After you put the games to download, exit the purchased account and return to your personal account and wait for it to download games.
Activating and installing an account on PS VITA

1. If you already have an account to not lose existing data, you need to save it.
This operation is very simple: connect your PS Vita to PC or PS3-PS4 and turn on ContentManager (PlayStation Data Management Assistant).
The version for PC can be downloaded here
Backup is one of the main functions of the program, completely transferring the contents of the memory card to the hard disk. Later you can restore the backup copy with one click.2. The next step is to restore the factory settings. This will lead to the return of the console to the form in which it was purchased.
Please note that for the registration of Vita under another account, you must cancel the activation of the old one.
You can do this:
a) through the settings – the PSN settings.
b) through system recovery (formatting).

3. Create a user, enter the data, then go to the PS Store and put the games to download.
4. You can restore the first (your) account either via PC or PS3-PS4 using ContentManager.

Alternative download if you throw out

1. Go to
2. Enter the received data from the account of the type mail: pass
3. Click on the nickname of the user and select the LIST OF LOADS
4. You went to the download where you can download games and they will automatically be added to your console, click the button opposite the game you want to download
5. After you have downloaded the game, exit the site.